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Actual Feedback

Your service was excellent and very timely; you helped our team out when we were in quite the bind. I would highly recommend you and use your service again in the future. Top notch.
Cheers Wayne

To the man, we would have you play with us any time, thanks for helping us win the facilities!

You should really charge $60 because he is an asset to whatever team he plays for. Just my opinion if you are looking for feedback.

Great goaltending, but an even better guy. You fit into the team right away. Wish you could join us full time (for free of course). Considering 2 of the 4 games you played for us didn't even get going until after midnight with no complaints, anyone should be happy to use your service.

I just got your voicemail regarding our game last night and I wanted to send you a quick e-mail with an update. The game went really well and your goalie played great. Everyone on the team is happy with him and his performance. We'll be more than happy to use you for any future needs. Thanks again for your quick response last night. All the best, Demetri.

Thanks for helping us out with a goalie last night. I wanted to let you know that he did a great job. He arrived early, played well and is a good guy in the dressing room. Take care.

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